The tradition of International Hunting and Game Management Symposium, also known as “Huntsymposium”, started in the year 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia. It was followed by the symposium in Novi Sad (2013), again in Belgrade (2014) and  for the first time abroad (2015) Velenje,  Slovenia. Each year, the aims of the symposium were successfully accomplished, and therefore we are nontenured to have the opportunity to organise the 5th International Hunting and Game Management Symposium in Hungary.

Achieving an effective, adaptive and sustainable game management has become an important and difficult task. It requires continuous efforts and cooperation among stakeholders from various fields. The aim of the symposium is therefore to bring together researchers and members of hunting organisations and professional state services (population managers, natural conservation services etc.) to gather the knowledge and exchange information and their experiences.

We are honoured to have the oportunity to organise the 5th International Hunting and Game Management Symposium in Debrecen, Hungary and we kindly invite you to participate!